Bradshawgate, Leigh

The History

Bradshawgate, Leigh - Lilford Hotel
Pubs mentioned in the book
Pubs mentioned in the book

At the end of Bradshawgate at it's junction with Brown Street, still in Pennington but near the spur jutting out belonging to Atherton we find the hotel called the Lilford described as a 'commercial and family hotel', now a shop. The entrance to the stables is still evident. It could cater for seventy travellers 'with refreshments other than drink', stable six horses, and could offer four beds. William Hodgson was licensee in 1875 paying an annual rental of £120, when the average rent of a pub was £20 and the next highest in Leigh paid £87.

William was only there for twelve months when he was ejected for licensing offences and the pub was closed for a time. It reopened under Joseph Jackson in or about 1880 and soon became a popular meeting place. Like the Nelson and the Globe it housed the Oddfellows and also the Buffaloes as well as the Group Cycling Club.

Cycling was a popular pastime and cycling trips were organised from the Lilford to Croft and Bury Lane and other places of tranquillity and beauty. 'Real' cyclists went to Harry Brown's at the Crown in Hope Street. He was a well known professional cyclist.

Transformed into apartments, retail spaces and self storage units

Bradshawgate, Leigh
Bradshawgate, Leigh
Bradshawgate, Leigh
Bradshawgate, Leigh

The Lilford Hotel in Bradshawgate was built in 1876 at a cost of £3,000. Hatchard Group have transformed the hotel that once was into apartments, retail spaces and self storage units. The A half million pound Leigh town centre project was funded by military families.

The military bond scheme funds empty building refurbishment which the High Street banks are unwilling to lend on. The neglected buildings are renovated, refinanced with the banks and the monies moved onto the next project.

Officially opened by Andy Burnham and Leigh Mayor

Bradshawgate, Leigh - outside
Bradshawgate, Leigh - street view
Bradshawgate, Leigh - Apartments
Bradshawgate, Leigh - Apartments , kitchen

On 15th February, MP Andy Burnham and Leigh Mayor officially opened the building with a full marketing suite set up for the event thanking our trades and suppliers. The event also showcased the investment potential in a town of 54,000 population which has had £320 million spent over the last 5 years as part of a coal field regeneration programme and the proximity to Manchester and Liverpool airport plus the guided bus way programme into the heart of Manchester; not forgetting the marina project linking the old canal system. One of the largest UK private developers is involved locally.

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Bradshawgate, Leigh


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