Hatchard Classics

Hatchard Classics is a new eclectic, classic vehicle business using the German young timer classics business model of purchasing up and coming 1970’s and 1980’s classic cars and motorcycles. Using the ‘how many left.com’ website research criteria focusing on newer but rarer collectible models.

The models are carefully selected in mint, pristine or immaculate condition with complete service histories and exceptional low mileage. Ideally in the same condition as when they left the factory, with no modifications.  In some cases they have been run at less than 500 miles per annum to retain their incredible originality.

Another aspect of the business is a ‘lifestyle’ type of hiring, available only in the summer months between May and October, when they are hired for months at a time.  Almost a half way house between normal daily classic car hiring and high performance car ownership clubs both with high fees.

The business has now 4 units still with the mission statement to buy and hold to increase value with a bolt on charity element.

Hatchard Classics is looking for individuals with a passion for the young timer classic movement but with an eye for value for money.

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