Hatchard Foundation

The group’s foundation is ideologically based on a military ethos of service to the community (the obedient servant) within a sustainable business context.

The group of 186 units owned and controlled and injected £1,000,000 of Council Tax over a five year period back into Cornwall, Bristol, Somerset, Hampshire and Lancashire local authorities.

Contributions to named charities on a company account have raised over £12,000 (January 2019). This has also focused on military and young person leadership and business development in education.

Grants raised from local authorities to date have totalled over £62,000.

Tenant clients receive prizes for ease of access and standard of property inspections by agents.

Trades teams dependent on results receive modest bonuses on completion on an individual project.

Investors also receive modest bonuses upon completion of specific projects.

As much as possible is recycled back into the business to maximise investor return and profit margin.

Concurrent activity, hard work ethic, honesty and integrity are all important in dealing day to day with investors, customers, clients, suppliers and trades. This is reflected in our referrals page back to our successful business partners.

Of the 18 shortlisted awards and three finalist awards we also present awards to third party nominations as a gesture of good will.

Eco-sustainability is core to the business with efforts made to produce little to no waste. Over 75% of the 100 year old terrace portfolio return an energy EPC rating of ‘C’.


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