Our Portfolio of work to date

Brown Street North, Leigh

Brown Street North, Leigh

Brown Street North was car parking land purchased with the Bradshawgate project which was then scoped by the main contractor as potential for development.  Awarded full planning permission a new build 2 more commercial units and another apartment.


100 Lord St

100 Lord St project has finally completed development of 32 units, a mixture of apartments and shops.

Platt Fold Street, warehouse project

Platt Fold Street

One major recent project Platt Fold Street warehouse project. 36,900 ft/2 warehouse unit which we have developed into: effectively as new warehouse storage units, new offices and new self storage pods for businesses as diverse as building, confectionery and garden supplies as well as car and van businesses relocating into area. 

Bradshawgate, Leigh

Bradshawgate, Leigh

Hatchard Group have transformed the hotel that once was into apartments, retail spaces and self storage units. The million pound Leigh town centre project was funded by angel investors.

Consultancy property business mentoring training

Consultancy and Property Business Mentoring and Training

Consultancy and mentoring and coaching has in the last 24 months covered 50 towns and cities all around the UK and has taken International Students on board with a London bias. This has produced some really tangible results all around the UK  for student clients.  

St Eval, Travisker

At St Eval, the Cornwall regeneration of old mundic Ex MOD semi detached properties took place in 2011-2012 which was the forefront of an ongoing complete transformation of an old MOD airfield 2 miles from Jamie Oliver’s 15 at Watergate bay and 4 miles from Rick Stein’s in Padstow.


Findlay Street, Leigh

The Findlay Street development epitomises the work and standard required to get our housing stock to levels which our investors and tenant clients have come to expect hence all of the award category nominations and outright wins in customer service, gas and electrical safety and in 2012-2103 Professional and Executive Landlord of the Year out of 1000 UK companies including London based firms.

Portishead success story


A new development which has again capitalised on turning an very old run down industrial unit into a connectable and desirable marina waterfront yachting hub location to the SW of Bristol. Again yield on this development is unusually high for this type of property. Success has centred on the financial power team getting the right finance products in place.

Gosport, Portsmouth

Gosport, Portsmouth

The Gosport, Portsmouth development has taken an industrial and long run down area into a stunning successful marina yachting location to the West of the Main town.

May Street, Wigan

May Street, Wigan

May street in Wigan has a different success angle due to our award winning formula and landlord accreditation which has enabled access to Government grants.


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